Exporting Coffee and its products
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Exporting Coffee & its Products
Building Art Galleries around East African States
Latest Project
Building Art Galleries around East African States
Pristine Rural SubUrban Development (19)
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Pristine Rural Suburban Development
Orgonise Trips and Tours in East African States
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Orgonite Trips and Tours in East African States
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Orgonite Energy technologies brings balance to your body, mind and soul within the shortest period of time when simple instructions are followed. Everything becomes balanced just through relaxing of your body system while listening to health sound frequencies plus Orgonite Energy light frequencies. Come experience the Power of Orgonite Energy in the modern Orgonite Energy Smart Apartments at Kira Municipality, Wakiso District, Uganda East Africa which are fully installed with Orgonite Energy CH1 Sound and Light frequencies known and proven to be effective in balancing our systems of body, mind and soul through brain neuro system. Where our actions are assembled. Also, on our fully furnished apartments we serve all meals boosted with Orgonite Energy vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Our recipes will always transform your health; physical, mental and spiritual well being. Orgonite Energy can also be transferred to schools, colleges, universities, industries, agricultural & animal farms, hotels, public transport to mention but a few. All this helps to transform the environment and balance nature for a better health. OUR MOTTO:  Connecting the world with new and sustainable opportunities

What We Do

Orgonite Energy Spectrum Apartments

our Orgonite Energy Spectrum Apartments are located at Kira Municipality, the eastern part of Kampala Metropolitan City, 200metres off Kira – Kyaliwajala, road, down 

Organic Agriculture

Organite Energy East Africa also engage in agriculture.Women will engage in owning organic farms using the organic refuse and the orgonite energy technologies for higher harvest and quality nutritive foods and fruits.

Alternative Medicine

The team has made good research and development in medicinal herbal foods and fruits. This development will help the continent to start developing its medicine from our available natural resources.

Building Art Galleries

These are meant to host art collections from different African Artists. In this project we will also build art institutions for training artists to advance to higher levels of creativity as indicated in project 3 of Black Pearl.

Your emotions can translate into art, art has a purpose.

Our Company Partners

- Orgone Cancer Control Network, East Africa

- Muhigira Coffee Estate, Uganda – East Africa

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